Yada’ Yah
Volume 6: God Damn Religion
...The Church Age
Pareisago – Clandestine Conspiracy
The Religion of Man...

As we turn the page to the second chapter of Shim’own / Peter’s epistle, its author didn’t. He is still focused on prophecy, on knowing the truth, on recognizing lies, and on understanding the source of each. In the oldest manuscript, anthropos / humans comes immediately after the placeholder for ‘Elohym / God (albeit on the next line) and immediately before ginomai in the aorist tense (this time on the same line) which means “brought into existence.” While I will once again rely on the earliest text, I am going to break some of the inordinately long sentences, common for Greek but challenging in English, into shorter segments so that we can better comprehend what is being said.

But first this by way of introduction: an entire book could be written on the opening verse of 2 Shim’own 2. Here we have confirmed that men act in opposition to God, that religious men purposefully deceive and that secular and political men deliberately lie. This enemy comes from the place the populous least expects them. They make merchandise of people’s lives. In this passage we discover that Yahowah is a conspiracy theorist. He speaks of those who clandestinely conspire as if He had witnessed them plotting and perpetrating their deceitful, destructive and deadly schemes. And then, as He always does, He lays out the consequences of us tolerating them in our midst.

Transitioning from the message of Yahowah conveyed through the Set-Apart Spirit, to the doctrines of men, the apostle writes: “Men (anthropos – humans) independently brought into existence (ginomai – began or caused to exist; (the middle aortist tense tells us that this has occurred independently but makes no reference to sequence or timing)) continuing this thought but in opposition (de) indeed even (kai) purposefully false, lying, and deceitful prophets (pseudoprophetes – from pseudes, meaning to deliberately lie, to purposely deceive, and to speak falsely, and prophetes, a compound of pro, meaning before, and phemi, meaning to make one’s thoughts known by declaring them) among (en – with, by, and in) the people (laos – population, nation, crowds, and common folks (in contrast to clerics, royalty, political and military leaders)), just as there are (hos) also (kai) those among (en) you.” (II Shim’own / Peter 2:1)

Since most “prophets” are religious types, this deception is clerical. There have always been and currently are those who will lie in the name of God. Sungod worship was the most prevalent religion before and during the time these words were written. Every nation that had and would attack Yisra’el manifest some form of the Babylonian astrological system. Assyria, the Phoenicians, Philistines, Canaanites, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Catholics and Muslims all served the sun, the moon, or both. Born out of Satan’s schemes, by whatever name they call their god, they are in opposition to Yahowah. But the most destructive of these purposely false prophets, came from among the people. They were called Rabbis. More than any other, their lies brought Yisra’el down, causing Yahuwdym to spend nearly two millennia in dispersion.

This said, the false prophet Shim’own found himself fighting much of his life was Sha’uwl, better known as Paul. And should you want proof of this, I’d encourage you to read www.QuestioningPaul.com.

In the second portion of this sentence we are confronted with a new villain, one who will lie, not in Peter’s past or present, but in our present and future. These false teachers are secular, political, and economic aspirants. We know this not only from how the word didasko was used in non-Scriptural writings but also because their victims are common folk. Having studied the original writings of Adam Weishaupt, and his creation of the Illuminati, the foundation of Communism and the New World Order, I can say with certainty that Yahowah’s description fits them and their scheme like a glove.

“And there shall be (esomai – will exist and be present in the future) purposefully false, lying, and deceitful teachers (pseudodidaskalos) who (hostis) will clandestinely conspire to lead you astray (pareisago – secretly, craftily, and cunningly scheme to mislead from within; from para, meaning from beside and near, and eisago, meaning to lead to a place which is not being expressly stated), bringing in destruction and death (apoleia – annihilation; that which leads to deterioration and to perishing; needless, wasteful, squandering, destroying, and obliterating), acts of confiscating and capturing by a body of men following their own tenants (hairesis).” (II Shim’own / Peter 2:1)

There are four key terms here: pseudodidaskalos, pareisago, apoleia, and hairesis. Let’s tackle them one at a time. Pseudodidaskalos is a compound of pseudes, meaning “to deliberately lie, to purposely deceive, and to speak falsely,” and didaskalos, “teachers, someone who considers themselves fitted to communicate the duties of man.” The root of didaskalos is didasko, meaning “to hold discourse with others in order to instruct them, to instill doctrine, and to enjoin or yoke them by authoritative order.” That known, it’s clear Yahowah isn’t talking about Ms. Smith, down the street drawing letters on the blackboard in the local grammar school. These are those who profess the doctrines of submission and oppression. And the only people with the power to enjoin by authoritative order are kings, presidents, dictators, prime ministers, and international businessmen.

The most interesting word is pareisago, as it adroitly describes the third and most recent addition to evil’s Trinity. I like to call them Confused, Comatose, and Conceited. In the Confused camp we have Catholics. The people aren’t bad, they are just misled. Most are simply ignorant of the disparity between Scripture and Papal teaching. They have been fooled into believing that their Church represents Christ. In the Confused camp, man has hidden God.

The Comatose are Muslims. Their demonic religion has rendered them ignorant and irrational. Their whole world is upside down. To believe the Qur’an is divine revelation, that paradise is a brothel, and the way to get there is killing, one has to be brain dead.

In the upside down Comatose religion of submission, a man created god. Muhammad, who was demon possessed by his own admission, created Allah in his own decadent, destructive, and demonic image.

And that brings us to the deception de jour. Pareisago addresses the satanic schemes of Adam Weishaupt, the religion of man. Here, conceited men see themselves as enlightened masters. In my tours of the old Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China I was appalled to see Lenin, Marx, and Mao immortalized, with their deified likenesses plastered everywhere and their words treated as scripture. While Islam is religion for stupid people, and Catholicism religion for the apathetic, Socialist Secular Humanism is religion for smart people—or at least for those who consider themselves superior. In their New World Order, the elite see themselves as Masters who will lord over their ignorant and accommodating servants in an all encompassing feudal fascist state.

Like Islam and Catholicism, Communism has its roots in Babylon. Every element of Weishaupt’s secret society, which he admitted was a new religion, was based upon the mysteries of the ancient Babylonians. While all of this will be covered in another book, suffice it to say for now, that America’s lone political power, the Council on Foreign Relations, and their minions, the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the United Nations, and the Democratic and Republican Parties, are “purposeful deceivers who speak falsely, clandestinely conspiring to lead the world astray, secretly and cunningly scheming to mislead from within, taking the world’s population,” who they consider profane, “to a place,” if admitted publicly, would lead to universal revolt, which is why it remains their dirty little “secret.”

While the CFR won’t admit their agenda, and the place they would take our world, Yahowah knows it. It is the subject of much of Revelation and it is addressed in the word: apoleia, a rather unsavory term. Used twice in this verse, apoleia, becomes Yahowah’s quid pro quo—giving people what they give. Apoleia is defined by the following synonyms: “destroy and destruction, perish and ruin.” This is the fate that awaits mankind as we move toward and through the Tribulation. The conniving and clandestine conspiracies of pareisago will be the reason why humanity will suffer.

Apoleia’s secondary meaning is “to waste and to squander.” That is the job of both of America’s political parties, with the greatest harm being perpetrated by the so-called conservatives. (A comprehensive evaluation of government spending and waste reveals that it increases most appreciably during Republican administrations—especially when the GOP controls Capitol Hill as they do today.) These big spenders receive an admirable assist from the Federal Reserve, a banking cartel that has squandered the value of the American currency and led the United States into two depressions and two world wars. But when it comes to waste, it’s hard to surpass the fine work being done on behalf of the NWO by the IMF, WB, and UN. The fact that their roots, agenda, and fruits are the same hasn’t escaped Yahowah’s notice.

He has told us that the agenda of those who practice apoleia is defined by the word’s root, apollumi, which means: “to destroy by entirely abolishing something, placing the system and people entirely out of the way, by putting an end to it or them, by rendering them dead and useless.” The system Adam Weishaupt and his NWO minions want abolished is Yahowah’s moral code and His plan of salvation—and with it freedom and choice. They will stop at nothing to ostracize Yahowsha’s Anointed, publicly humiliating them, incarcerating them, and killing them. But they recognize what Yahowah also knows, that their Humanist systems are so flawed, and their schemes are so hideously evil, for them to prevail, Yahowah’s voice, His Spirit, must be silenced. In this regard they will find the God they hate accommodating, which is the purpose of the Taruw’ah Harvest. The Restrainer will be removed, allowing man’s bad choices to culminate at the rendezvous of Migiddo, known as Armageddon. When man comes within an hour of eliminating all life and all choice, Yahowsha’ will intervene, wiping evil from the face of the earth.

 That brings us to the “acts of confiscating and capturing by a body of men following their own tenants,” known in Greek as: hairesis. A more complete definition would include the following, all of which reeks of Political Correctness, the Socialist Secular Humanist’s idea of replacement morality: “dissensions arising from diversity; that which is chosen as opposed to that which favors choice; a religious or political party which seizes what belongs to others by causing divisions and factions through false teachings and unfounded opinions.” Hairesis is from haireomai, meaning “to prefer oneself and to choose to take for oneself.”

I have studied thousands of pages of evidence documenting the “cunning conspiracy” of human conceit. I’ve traveled the world in search of understanding it. But never have I encountered such an apt definition as is found in these four words: pseudodidaskalos, pareisago, apoleia, and hairesis. Under the guise of “liberty and equality,” under the ruse of “the dignity and rights of man,” under the façade of “diversity and choice,” under the hoax of “enlightenment and sharing,” errant opinions pontificated by purposely deceptive statesmen will usher in an era that obliterates all of these things. If you want to know the word’s fate over the next 28 years, between now and the Miqra’ of Sukah on the Sabbath commencing on October 7th, 2033 at sunset, ponder this passage.

Of these men and their schemes, Yahowah says: “Indeed (kai), they will reject and refuse (arneomai – are against the word and command of) the Sovereign (despotes – the ruler, owner, or master). Engaged in the marketplace, attending to the business of buying and selling (agorazo – debating publicly for profit within assemblies of people for business and political ends), they bring on (epago) themselves (heautou) swift and imminent (tachinos) annihilation and obliteration (apoleia – destruction, perishing; needless and wasteful cessation of existence).” (II Shim’own / He Listens / Peter 2:1) It’s all about money.

The leaders of the conceited cunning conspirators are international businessmen, most of whom have inherited tainted money from unscrupulous parents. They have always been willing to sacrifice lives for the sake of their own pockets, making merchandise of men. It is the purpose of war—something we will see ever more of as we approach the end. But do not be fooled, GWB was no less a cunning conspirator than were Gore or Kerry. Republicans are actually worse than Democrats because as hypocrites, their conniving is hidden. And make no mistake, this march of evil isn’t uniquely a byproduct of the capitalistic establishment, the enlightened elite, the patrons of politics, or the religious; it is the sum of all of them. Collectively they are the Whore of Babylon.

It is true: the purveyors of pseudodidaskalos, pareisago, apoleia, and hairesis will actually strive against the world’s sovereigns, claiming their authority for themselves. And it is true: those who pontificate these lies will be consumed by that which they perpetrate. But I think Yahowah is telling us more than just what will happen during hell’s seven year reign on earth. He is telling us about the fate of the people who “arneomai—reject and refuse the Word.” Their souls will be apoleia: “destroyed and annihilated.” They will be “abolished and perish.” So that we understand the full implication of these terms, and appreciate the fate of souls who reject and refuse the Word, know that to “destroy” is to “obliterate, to put something or someone out of existence.” It is “to annihilate.” And to “annihilate” is “to cause someone or something to be of no effect.” It is “to destroy the substance and force of something or someone, to regard it or them as being of no consequence.” It is “to cause something or someone to cease to exist.” To “perish” is “to become destroyed and ruined, to deteriorate and spoil.” To “abolish” is “to end the observance or effect of someone or something, to annul it or them.” It is “to obliterate and reduce them to nothingness, making them null and void.”

Ah, and lest I forget, the reason all of this hell will occur, and the reason so many souls will perish, is because Yahowsha’s called-out assembly failed to heed His advice. We chose ignorance over knowing, tolerance over repudiation, accommodation over condemnation, apathy over engagement. We have allowed this to happen by falling asleep on the job. Tolerating something which is untrue is the least compassionate thing a person can do.

Demonstrating that they could no longer think, University of Virginia students demonstrated last week against an individual who was opposed to homosexuality by chanting “We are intolerant of intolerance.” As a result of demonstrating their hypocrisy, irrationality, as well as their advocacy of immorality, they were rewarded with a new Vice President of Diversity at taxpayer expense. Scriptural morality may be scorned at our institutions of higher leaning but Satan’s agenda is received with open pocketbooks.

Before we move on, I want to quickly review two verses which shed a little more light on the fate that awaits most souls and the spirit behind their dissipation. We find apoleia in Mattanyah 7:13. Speaking of that which was “established by the prophets,” Yahowsha’ said: “Enter through the narrow and upright gate because wide, twisted, and expansive is the way which leads away to (apago – which deceives, leading to the penalty of) utter destruction and perishing (apoleia – annihilation) and there are many going through it. The Way is narrow and straight that leads to life and there are few who find it.” (Mattanyah / Yahowah’s Gift / Matthew 7:13-4)

The fate that the cunning conspirators will perpetrate on mankind is the same that will befall their victims. In their march to destroy life and obliterate choice, the ignorant, indoctrinated, unthinking, and deceived populous will forfeit their God-given right to choose, and with it the gift of life. The souls of those who refuse and reject Yahowsha’s ransom will simply cease to exist. As for the politicians, clerics, journalists, businessmen, and academicians who tout the desolate lies, they will spend their eternity in the Abyss with their comrades and the demons who inspired them.


Returning to Shim’own / Peter’s open letter, we find the apostle doing his utmost to warn us of the trilogy of evils that will invade our world. Having denounced the religion of Conceit, he moves on to include the doctrine of the Comatose. Every word of this represents who Muhammad was, what Allah desires, what Islam breeds, and how it operates. It is central to our understanding of prophecy, what to expect in the coming days, and how to behave in a world that will be consumed by terror.

Muhammad created the religion of submission because he craved power, sex, and money. A sexual pervert engaged in pedophilia, incest, rape, and bigamy, he revealed surahs to legitimize his perverse cravings. A pirate on a grand scale, he authored surahs legalizing theft. A slave trader of gargantuan proportions, he made merchandise of men. Coveting power, he promised the Jihadists who followed him on his terrorist raids virgins in paradise. Here is what Yahowah has to say of this despicable man, his revolting religion, and the dark souls he beguiled:

“And many (polus – a very large number, a great portion of the population) shall follow and imitate (exakoloutheo – yield to, submit to, side with, and obey) their unbridled lust (aselgeia – licentiousness and mercilessness, inhumane maliciousness, shameless contempt, debauchery, sensuality, and unrestrained immoral behaviors) on account of (dia) the Way of Truth shall be maliciously slandered and insulted (blasphemeo – cursed in abusive speech, mocked, reviled, and calumniated, maligned in a defaming fashion, railed against in rage).” (II Shim’own / He Listens / Peter 2:2)

As I ponder whether this statement is more indicative of Muslims or Socialist Secular Humanists I am persuaded to respond in the affirmative. There are over a billion of each which would fulfill the “great many” criterion. They are both licentious libertines. With the Socialists, it is a result of their replacement morality where perversions are simply preferences, fornications are healthy expressions of sexuality, and contraception is murder. With Islam it is manifest in scriptures which authorize bigamy and rape, in emulating a prophet who was an incestuous pedophile, and in the perverse notion that murdering infidels earns the reward of multiple virgins in Allah’s paradise. It is why most every Islamic suicide bomber wraps his private parts in a protective covering prior to blowing humanity to bits, in hopes that it will be ready when called upon to savage their prize. (Penises in Paradise, now there’s an inspirational religious thought.)

And if there was a contest to determine which group, the Conceited or Comatose, were more vicious, malicious, and abusive in their slanderous and insulting attacks on the “Way of Truth,” it would be a tie. The condemnation and repudiation of all that Yahowah revealed is the Qur’an’s central theme. The condemnation and repudiation of God and His concept of morality has been the preoccupation of Communists ever since Adam Weishaupt penned the doctrine’s first words, calling for a replacement morality that would justify his own acts of theft, deception, incest, fornication, and murder. Perhaps the similarities between the substance and style of these menacing foes is what makes them allies. Even their enemy is the same. Perhaps it is why Islamic oil money contributes so heavily to American political and media institutions and why their spokesmen lie so adroitly for their benefactors. 

One of the great misconceptions regarding the modern-day Illuminists of the CFR who covet a New World Order with themselves ensconced at the helm, is that they are all idealistic Communists. In actuality, the leaders are mostly money-grubbing capitalists with Fascist leanings. They recognize that Communism and Fascism are essentially the same beast, that they are both capitalistic, and that they both serve to empower an oppressive hierarchal structure that stratifies society and eliminates choice. Never satisfied with what they have, they want to extort what belongs to everyone else. Islam is the same. It was born out of greed. Muhammad literally robbed his way to success using the slave trade and thievery to finance his religion.

Of them Yahowah says: “And by greed and exploitation (pleonexia – covetousness, an excessive and insatiable desire for wealth; from pleonektes, meaning the desire to fraudulently extort what belongs to others) they shall disingenuously mold (plastos – deceptively invent, fabricating feigned, fictitious, and fraudulent) words (logos – concepts, sayings, reasons, treatises, thoughts, opinions, motives, recitals, accusations and accounts) to make merchandise of you (emporeuomai – exploit you, cheat you, sacrifice you for their business interests, sell you into slavery). Their judgment (krima – condemnation and punishment) will not be delayed for a long time. Their destruction and annihilation (apoleia) will not linger” (II Shim’own / He Listens / Peter 2:3)

This is a precisely accurate account of what happened during the formation of Islam, how it happened and why it occurred. Moreover, the moral of the story is, good Muslims cannot be saved. But it is no less accurate of the CFR’s agenda. They would like nothing more than to see the Fabian Master-Slave utopia of a Brave New World depicted in Animal Farm and 1984. For a dollar they would sell their own mothers into slavery. Well, it was true before their Federal Reserve destroyed the value of a dollar. But, lest we forget the Confused, few have exploited as adroitly as the Roman Catholics. They even sold indulgences—literally making merchandise of men.

Having studied the Emperors of Imperial Rome, something struck me that resonates with this verse. They were insatiable. No amount of pedophilia, incest, rape, perverted fornication, mass murder, or savage and sadistic tortures ever seemed to satisfy their sexual desires or blood lust. Pleonexia says the same thing. God alone satisfies man.

The means to extortion is always the same: disingenuous words. It is the stuff of politics and religion where contrived perceptions become a fabricated reality. Plastos is the essence of revisionist history which is how we will be led to the plastic world of tomorrow. Plastos is the foundation Catholicism, Islam, and Communism, where a revisionist substitute reality is used as the springboard to submission.

Emporeuomai is based upon the word which means to “blow in the wind.” In Scripture, the wind is either the Spirit of Yahowah when it is true or Satan’s spirit when it storms against man. Breath in Scripture is related to life and is represented by the soul. So with emporeuomai we have men sacrificing souls to Satan for money—something that is confirmed in Revelation 18:13’s depiction of the monetary interests associated with the Whore of Babylon.

“Forasmuch as TS (placeholder for Yahowah) did not spare the spiritual messengers (aggelos – envoys; [read demons in this case]) who acted contrary to His will (hamartano – who missed the mark so as not to have a share in the Way, who erred, were offensive, wandered away, trespassed, and sinned), but on the contrary (allah – as the antithesis in opposition) cast them into the abode of the damned (tartaroo – the dark abyss of the dead and wicked; the Greek equivalent of Gehenna), and delivered them up to the power and custody of another (paradidomi), fastening them (seora) in total darkness (zophos – blackness, clouding them in gloom) guarding them (tereo) unto separation in space-time (krisis – a sundering division, condemnation and damnation).” (II Shim’own / He Listens / Peter 2:4)

Yahowsha’s Disciple is letting us know that God is consistent. Live in opposition to Him and you will be delivered up to the custody of Satan, suffering his eternal fate which is to be separated in a lightless place for all time. It is the one thing worse than having your soul annihilated.

We are without excuse. Yahowah has clearly articulated our choices and their consequences. “And He did not spare the primeval, prehistoric world (kosmos - including its inhabitants) but isolated, separated, and watched over (phulasso - guarded, preserved, and saved) Noah (Noe – a transliteration of the Hebrew Noach, meaning resting place), a herald and messenger of integrity and uprightness, one of eight, bringing the deluge upon the world of abandoned and undesirable, irreverent and destitute souls (asebes). And He condemned the cities of Sodom (Sodoma – a transliteration of the Hebrew Cadom, meaning to scorch) and Gomorra (Gomorrha – a transliteration of the Hebrew ‘Amorah, meaning to bind, manipulate, enslave, and to merchandise people as a tyrant) catastrophically demolishing (catastrophe – overthrowing, renouncing and abandoning) them, reducing them to ashes, setting them up as an exhibit, as a warning and example (hupodeigma – representation and sign of a thing to be shunned) for those who intend to (mello – who have a mind to) be ungodly, lacking reverence (asebeo).

And He drew out, rescued, and delivered (rhoumai) the just and upright (dikaios – one in a right standing and relationship with God, vindicated and innocent) Lot (Lot – transliteration of the Hebrew Lowt, meaning the one who is covered and enveloped) a man oppressed and harassed (kataponeo – worn down and mistreated) by the excess of uncontrollable lust (aselgeia – licentiousness and mercilessness, inhumane maliciousness, shameless contempt, debauchery, sensuality, and immoral behaviors), a way of life and behavior (anastrophe – conduct) which is unrestrained (athesmos – illegal, lawless, immoral, and unprincipled). Looking, He [Yahowah] saw and heard the just and upright (dikaios – one in a right standing and relationship with God, vindicated and innocent) dwelling among them, testing (basanizo) his upright and vindicated soul (psuche), trying (basanizo) him day after day.” (II Shim’own / He Listens / Peter 2:5-7)

Since Yahowah wiped evil from the face of the earth with the flood, when it flowers again in the full bloom of the tribulation, would He not be inconsistent if He were to excuse contemporary corruption? He is reminding us of the deluge so we can use what happened then to predict what will happen tomorrow. To make sure we understood this, Sodom and Gomorra remain as exhibit “A.” Yes, they have been found along the shores of the Dead Sea near the base of Masada. They were destroyed by fire and brimstone 4,000 years ago. The evidence remains to this day to warn us of the consequence of our behavior, a way of life that emulates theirs.

Interestingly, Yahowah doesn’t expect very much of us. Lot, a man who committed incest while intoxicated was called “just, upright, and innocent.” That was because he, like that scallywag Dowd, enjoyed a relationship with Yahowah. The relationship alone was sufficient to save them both.

The reason so much is said of the hostile environment surrounding Lot, from which he was delivered, is that Lot serves as an example of the Taruw’ah Harvest. Having separated himself from the perversity which surrounded him he was taken out of the world of sin before Yahowah judged it. If we desire the same fate, the ninth verse illuminates the path. 

“Belonging to the family of (oikeios – knowing relationally) the Supreme One to whom we belong (kurios – the One in control with authority), those who have a proper attitude toward God (eusebes – those who are respectful and reverent in relationship to God, who are earnest and dutiful) are kept out of (ek) the time of trial and testing (peirasmos – the experience of the painful and distressful ordeal known as the Tribulation), they are attended to (tereo –guarded and protected), drawn out of and away from, rescued and delivered from (rhuomai) the unjust and lawless (adikos – the biased judges; those who provide evidence and proof that they are wrong and guilty; those who violate the Towrah) as we move toward (eis – unto or upon the time or arrival of) the day of pruning (kolazo – of cutting back and lopping off to curb, restrain, and chastise) and separation (krisis – a legal verdict which condemns and divides, judgment leading to estrangement).” (II Shim’own / He Listens / Peter 2:9)

Yahowah has promised to keep those who know Him, His family, out of the upcoming time of trial and testing. If you don’t want to endure the hell that will be perpetrated on mankind by the Conceited cunning conspirators and their allies, the Comatose and Confused, but would prefer to be drawn out and away from the pruning, rescued and delivered from the separation, Yahowah has charted a course for you.

What I find fascinating is that today’s ekklesia and Lot share something in common. Both live in depraved times. But in them, flawed as we are, God still finds some serve as witnesses, as a light in dark places. Between now and the time our rescue occurs, we need to focus on the job at hand: exposing lies while sharing the truth. Shim’own has told us how to do that.

The pruning that Yahowah’s speaks of in this passage is first addressed in Yasha’yah / Isaiah 17 and 18. In that prophetic dialog, Yahowah describes America. He speaks of imported vines (adopted Gentiles) living there, of our looting Yisra’el, thinning her at the waste in land for peace deals, of our power and influence being pruned back, of the utter destruction of our largest cities, and of a harvest that could well be the one predicted by Taruw’ah / Trumpets. We will dissect this passage in an upcoming chapter. But for now I want you to ponder the possibility that this pruning could be the removal of the Gentiles from the vine which is Yisra’el prior to the Tribulation, allowing the vine to return to its original state, with the Yahuwdym returning to the role for which they were chosen.

Still speaking of those who will suffer separation, Shim’own Kephas continues the previous sentence with: “But especially (mallon) those who advance and promote (poreuomai – convey, bringing on the way of, causing others to stumble in) Humanism (sarx – human nature and carnality, the flesh), their desires (epithumia – lusts and longing) defiling them (miasomos – corrupting and polluting them) in their animosity for (kataphroneo – contempt and disdain for) dominion (kuriotes – the Supreme Authority and Power). Audacious and presumptuous men (tolmetes), self indulgent, arrogant and self-willed (authades – egotistical and overbearing, self-satisfying and gratifying) they are not concerned about (tremor) professing reproaching and reviling (blasphemeo – rebuking disapprovingly with insultingly contemptuous and corrupting language, verbally abusing, calumniating, injuring reputations by uttering maliciously false statements, charges, and imputations against) opinions (doxa – their own thinking and philosophical views).” (II Shim’own / He Listens / Peter 2:10) Such is the hypocritical nature of liberal thought.

Shim’own has identified the character of the “cunning conspirators.” He has described the purpose and the methods deployed by those who seek to rule the world. They advance and promote Humanism, the way of man. It has become the religion of the left, the dogma of academia. Socialistic and communal in nature, the religion of man displays the cravings of men. It is focused entirely on the flesh as mankind is devalued to the status of animal. Lusts and longings, no matter how perverse or abnormal, are accommodated and promoted with evangelical zeal because they destroy man’s appreciation of the familial model Yahowah has established in His covenant. Being “gay” is something to be proud of. At the insistence of the cunning conspirators, most every university in America funds a Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Bisexual club. The motivation for all of this is animosity. The arrogant despise Yahowah’s supremacy. Like Satan, the creation covets the role of the Creator. It is the most audaciously presumptuous notion ever perpetrated since we can’t so much as explain the universe or life. Yet we act as if we invented it.

The agenda of the Socialist Secular Humanist is pure poison. It is in direct conflict with reality, with truth, with Yahowah, and with God’s plan of salvation. But that is of no concern to its advocates. The Weishaupts, Marxs, Pikes, Rothchilds, Rhodes, Wilsons, Roosevelts, and Bushes of this world are too self-indulgent and egotistical to care about anything other than themselves and their place in the hierarchy of world dominion. Their weapons are words, insulting and contemptuous, corrupting and calumnious, diatribes. The only thing that surprises me about them is how their utterly lame language befuddles so many. People who should know better, the Christian right for example, continues to support GWB as if he were one of their own. And yet he has advanced hideous notions, claiming that the God of the Qur’an and Torah are the same, that Islam is peaceful and wasn’t to blame for 9/11, and that Iraq which had nothing to do with the attack was worth the sacrifice of American lives. In so doing we have made Iraq worse, made them more lethal to America, and radically and rapidly increased the number and fever of the Jihadists who will kill us.

Rather than condemning Saudi Arabia, he has befriended them. Worse, he is the first president to openly call for a “Palestinian State,” as if there were such a people. Complying with the will of the Saudis, the conspirator revered by the Christian right, has brought the wrath of God on America by giving Muslims, the people who are not in need of land, the very land Yahowah gave to the Yahuwdym. While all of GWB’s initiatives are anti-God, they are totally in keeping with the CFR, to which he belongs. 

After having worked my way through five thousand pages of evidence documenting the rise of the “cunning conspirators,” I was surprised to find the most compelling treatise on their motives and means in Shim’own’s testimony. That is the place I least expected it. For that I am embarrassed. I should have known better, for I had previously experienced the same result with Islam. Since Islam was invented 2,000 years after Moseh penned the Towrah, I didn’t think I’d find reference to Muhammad’s madness in Yahowah’s Testimony. Yet it is everywhere you look. But I suppose that reveals the heart of the issue. The reason I have found a hundred pages of Scriptural condemnations of Islam (which we will review in the context of the Magog war) is because I have come to know Islam and recognize it when I see it. Having written the best documented, most comprehensive, contextual and chronological presentation of Muhammad’s words and deeds and his creation of Islam, I have fulfilled Yahowah’s mandate of knowing, exposing and condemning this most lethal of enemies. And I’m in good company. God hates Islam as much as I do, probably more.

But Islam isn’t the only anti-Yahowah evil lurking under the cover of darkness. Socialist Secular Humanism is no less lethal, and our Heavenly Father despises it just as much as He does Catholicism, Satan’s seat of power, and Islam, the most overtly satanic religion in the world. Individually, the members of evil’s trinity, given sufficient time and money, are all capable of destroying the planet. But collectively, unimpeded by the Restrainer who is removed at the Paralambano / Harvest, it will take them less than a decade to bring mankind within a heartbeat of voiding all choice and life on earth. And therein lies the reason and the timing of Yahowsha’s return.

Incidentally, since this passage is often quoted by the church to suggest that “Christians” are supposed to respect religious and political authority, understand that kuriotes, the word translated “dominion,” is related to kurios, which is in turn based upon kuros, meaning “supremacy.” The “dominion and supremacy” the self-indulgent hold in contempt is Yahowah’s, not man’s. The conspirators are defiled by being Towrah-less and God-less. This in turn leads to their humanistic cravings.

In context, Yahowah through Shim’own is saying that there is no longer any hope for the self-serving deceivers. They will be judged, accused, and chastised. The reason is clear: the false words of religions and politics condemn all they infect, destroying minds and souls, separating people eternally from God. They destroy lives, liberties, and hope. They not only bring out man’s bestial nature, they are self-perpetuating, damning our children and our children’s children. The pain and suffering they bring upon the world is incalculable.

The opening of this next verse reveals a profound truth. Yahowah’s messengers, the beings we call angels, are at least four dimensional, and thus greater than three dimensional human constructs. As it is with light, time simply exists for them.

“Whereas spiritual messengers (aggelos – envoys) forever exist as being (on) greater in reference to visible and discernable phenomena (meizon) having greater capacity and ability (ischus) and supernatural power (dunamis, abundant strength, increased ability to influence, ability to do more based upon their inherent nature), yet they do not bring forth (phero – create or convey) scurrilous and calumnious (blasphemos –  impious, reproaching and reviling, rebuking, disapproving and insultingly, contemptuous and corrupting language, verbal abuse, injurious and malicious false statements) separating opinions and divisive accusations (krisis) through (kata) them before (para – alongside and near) TS (placeholder for Yahowah). But (de – adversarially) these [still speaking of the cunning conspirators], like (hos – similar to and in the manner of) absurd and irrational (alogos – unreasonable illiterates, those contrary to reason and without basis) animals (zoon) giving birth to (gennao – fathering and begetting) those governed by nature (phusikos) leading to (eis) choosing to being taken captive by greedy men (halosis – voting for enslavement without sorrow or care, electing to being conquered, led into submission, and to being oppressed by those who prefer themselves over others; from haireomai, meaning to take for oneself, to prefer, to choose, and to vote) and to corruption, destruction and perishing (phthora –  ruin, moral decay, depravity, and damnation) .” (II Shim’own / He Listens / Peter 2:11-12)

There is a mountain of information in this passage. Let’s begin with aggelos. Yahowah’s envoys are spiritual beings—as we will one day be. When they manifest themselves into men, according to Scripture, they appear as light, the purest form of energy—something else we will share in common. This verse complements that reality by explaining that aggelos on: “exist in the past, present, and the future”—consistent with what Einstein demonstrated was true with light in his Theory of Relativity. Speaking of their nature, Yahowah says that aggelos are meizon, they “have more energy/mass in space-time.” Energy and mass comprise the very fabric of space-time. Moreover, the more energy inherent in something, the “ischus / greater capacity, superior potential and increased ability it holds and possesses.” Yahowah’s science continues to be impeccable. The dunamis, or “supernatural power” of energy was also demonstrated by Einstein. It can be transformed into mass at the rate of Energy = Mass x Light Speed x Light Speed—the formula that empowers the sun and explodes nuclear bombs.

The term aggelos also includes demons who are fallen spiritual messengers in addition to loyal heavenly messengers. While they are greater than we are in many ways, in dimensions, life, time, knowledge, energy, potential, and power, they lack one of the things Yahowah holds dear: choice. And while we’ll discuss the implications of that within the context of this verse in a moment, the superficial meaning of the passage is that aggelos don’t stoop to the level of men. Even though they have actually existed in the immediate presence of Yahowah, which makes them infinitely smarter on this subject than we humans are, they, with all of their increased knowledge, power and immortality don’t display our arrogant absurdity and ignorance when it comes to defaming God, at least not in His presence. It is only their “dunamis/increased ability to influence” that beguiles men apart from Yahowah’s presence that enables Satan to damn humankind.

We are reminded that the principle weapon of the conniving and clandestine conspirators is calumnious rhetoric. To calumniate is to “blasphemos, or to utter maliciously false statements designed to injure someone’s reputation”—in this case God’s. “Malign” is a synonym of calumniate. It denotes something that is “evil in nature, influence or effect.” To malign is to “injure by being virulent and malignant.” Something that is “virulent” is “marked by a rapid spreading of poisonous and deadly infections which overcome human defense mechanisms.” A “malignancy” is something “which grows relentlessly, infiltrating, and terminating fatally.” Since the eternal fate of our soul is at stake, these are not favorable terms. To blasphemos is to release the most deadly of all poisons—false words.

The purpose of this lethal concoction is to “krisis / separate” man from God throughout “space and time.” This “sundering division” inevitably leads to “a judgment of condemnation and damnation.” To “sunder” is to “break apart, separating violently by intervening space or time.” It is to be without God. When we study the use of krisis in the context of the time Shim’own wrote we discover that it conveyed “the issuance of opinions and accusations which are divisive.” And this highlights the hypocrisy of the conspirators. They speak of the “family of man” and of “unifying man,” when in fact they are masters of division, pitting all manner of men and ideologies against one another. They condemn “hate speech” and yet speak hatefully of everything they oppose.

Having conceived and promoted both socialism and fascism, the financial backers of the NWO equipped each side in a war which killed 50 million people. While they claim to be tolerant, it is only of their own view and agenda. While they claim to be peaceful, they define peace the same way Muhammad did—the condition when all men are in submission and all property is surrendered to them. They claim “liberty” but yet they covet the control of a one world dictatorial government. They claim “equality” and yet their objective is a master/slave state with the enlightened ruling over the profane.

To my eyes, the most troubling part of the Humanist/Socialist conspiracy is the absurdity or their irrational positions. God must agree which is why He called them “alogos/contrary to reason and without basis.” For example, to believe the notion that a one world socialist state would be a triumph for human nature, for the environment, for peace, for productivity, for equality, or for freedom requires complete historical illiteracy. Experience tells us the larger and more communal the government the more these things will be sacrificed. Further, the idea that politics is defined on the right as fascism and on the left by communism or that economically these systems are in conflict with capitalism is preposterous. Fascism and communism are both liberal uses of government. And they are both capitalistic, exercising complete control over all capital goods: human labor, money, and property. They only differ in who owns property, something that is rendered moot in practice in that control is indistinguishable from possession. And while we don’t like to admit it, America lost the war for doctrinal supremacy. The United States is a socialist nation with two-thirds of government spending predicated on the communist concept of wealth redistribution—from each according to their ability and to each according to their need.

The reason that the alogos are pro-man and anti-God is hidden within the term itself. Alogos is a compound of a, indicating without, and logos, meaning the word. That means they are “without the Word,” also known as Yahowsha’. Being estranged from Yahowah they are themselves separated from the truth.

The use of zoon/animal and gennao/conceiving in context with the etymological roots of phusikos, meaning “naturally formed,” suggests something rather profound. In Yahowchanan 3, Yahowsha’ speaks to Nicodemus about the fate of those who are only born naturally as opposed to those who are reborn spiritually from above. Souls born only of water are destined to be destroyed as they are unknown to God. This passage confirms their fate as well as explaining how they are led to it. Man’s calumniations resonate over the voice of salvation, hiding the Redeemer and redemption from the people.

That is conveyed through the amplified meaning of gennao: “to conceive and cause to arise,” speaking of false teaching and “converting others to their own way” speaking of the purpose of their false doctrines. Further, phthora, adds one last layer of affirmation, telling us that the deceived will be “corrupted,” and that “corruption” will lead to “destruction,” and “to perishing.”

Yahowah demonstrated that He was aware of today’s conspirators when He revealed that they would be “governed by nature,” phusikos’ primary meaning, in addition to being “environmentalists in support of nature.” The NWO establishment has used “environmental protection” and “the cessation of global warming” as a ruse to rally support and make their cause appear beneficial. But in reality, such men are little more than phusikos: “creatures driven by natural instincts, men who are in accord with the world.” When Mother Earth becomes an object of worship the Whore of Babylon succeeds as the Earth itself was named after the first Madonna, the Mother of God.

The motive for all such nonsense is greed. But it’s more than just wanting more. Like all corrupt men, today’s enriched and empowered conspirators are insatiable. The rich covet power and the powerful covet wealth. They will not be satisfied until they control and own everything. They will even turn on one another, knowing that they cannot be trusted. And the only way for men to own and control everything is to establish a one world dictatorial government based upon the wealth transfer mechanisms inherent in communism or fascist feudalism. 

While this motive and result is incorporated in halosis, there is a far more profound lesson. Men and women, individually and collectively, choose their fate. Individually, most people have access to the internet. Even Muslims, as oppressed as they are, use the web to communicate. So people the world over have access to truth—to the evidence they need to make an informed, thoughtful choice. What they elect to do with the access and information, is of course what will determine their individual destiny.

At the time Shim’own’s letter was written there were no republics. Every nation and tribal group on earth was dictatorial, controlled by a tyrant, whether he be king or emperor. The three electoral experiments, Sparta, the Delian League, and the Roman Republic, were ancient history. Therefore, the “voting” component of halosis in this conspiratorial prophecy was not realizable until quite recently—in the last twenty years or so. Apart from the fifty Islamic nations and a handful of Communist regimes, people now choose their collective fate. Of the two hundred nations vying for control of our planet, all but fifty-five, fifty of which are Islamic, exercise some form of representative government. But just as this prophecy portends, apathetic and thus tolerant, ignorant and thus easily deceived, mankind has squandered its collective opportunity to choose. We continue to “halosis: vote for our own enslavement without sorrow or care.” We have almost universally “elected to be conquered,” having “chosen” to be “led into submission and oppression by those who prefer themselves over others.” Scrutinize the selections made by the world’s elections and you will find tyrants everywhere.

Returning to our discussion of aggelos, and their lack of choice, we can see how much of what we are learning ties together. The closest comparison to Yahowah’s spiritual host on earth is a military construct in that each individual is nothing more than an implement of the Sovereign. They exist to do His bidding, to be His envoys. They are told what to do and they do what they are told. But therein lies their deficiency. They cannot choose. And those who cannot choose cannot create and cannot love. That is why Satan and his minions plaster over and whitewash the truth rather than create their own strategy. It is why all of Satan’s religions are based upon a single scheme—one which was nothing more than a counterfeit of Scripture. But that is why it is so effective. Outright lies aren’t believable and thus they aren’t beguiling. But the half truths which form the basis of Catholicism, Islam, and Communism, are credible to the unwary, which in turn makes them effective. Moreover, since these counterfeits are piled on top of the truth, they hide that which they do not distort.

The best example of a dictatorial, anti-choice institution existing within a pro-choice environment is the American military—one of the least free institutions on earth. It is based upon the submit and obey design of the Spartans. Individual choices are not tolerated. From private to general, everyone serves to carry out the desire of their Commander in Chief. Refuse a single order and the consequence is a court martial—one that will lead to the incarceration of the individual. In this same way, Satan and his demons rebelled against Yahowah’s instructions and for that they will be incarcerated. Without choice, they cannot be redeemed, so the penalty is irreversible. One act of disobedience was all it took, just as it does within America’s military.

There is another lesson we can learn from this passage that is analogous to the Spartans. Democracies don’t breed peace as the modern myth would have you believe. Sparta, the world’s longest surviving democracy, was also the world’s most militaristic society. The oligarchs responsible for orchestrating the political system we falsely correlate to freedom also established the world’s most brutal and enduring Master/Slave society. The democratic Spartans used their extraordinarily well trained and well equipped, undemocratic, submit and obey military system to enslave the Messenians, who in turn enriched and empowered the democratically elected oligarchs based upon slave labor. This is the model the Illuminists covet. It is why last century’s Illuminists funded Adolf Hitler and supported his Socialist Nazi party and Fascist state. Enemies of the state were imprisoned in slave labor camps which in turn built the Nazi war machine. But American and British illuminists also financed Stalin and his Socialist state, recognizing that his system of government and gulags were in perfect harmony with their Master/Slave objectives too. Today’s oligarchs (financiers, international businessmen, politicians, politicized clerics, politically correct journalists and enlightened academicians) in the Council on Foreign Relations are conspiring even now to recreate the Spartan-Nazi-Soviet Master/Slave condition on a global scale, with the profane masses working to serve them. In Sparta, Nazi Germany, and in the Soviet Union we see the world’s future.

And for those who think that Fascism and Communism are on the decline, read this verse again and then study today’s reality. In the etymology of halosis we see precisely what we are allowing, choosing even, to be done to us. Halosis, in the context of the time primarily meant “without sorrow or care,” suggesting that either the perpetrators or victims of the “absurd and irrational, scurrilous and calumnious” conspiracies are apathetic, unconcerned, or unremorseful about the damage they are doing or have done. That is a perfect fit for America and the West. The moneyed, the political, and the religious forces behind the New World Order have always been uncaring and amoral. They do not mourn the consequences of their deliberate actions: the destruction of productive economies, worldwide depressions, and world wars—all of which were calculated to enrich and empower them at the expense of the masses. They prevail by dumbing down and indoctrinating the populous in public schools—rendering the masses unaware, unthinking, malleable, and apathetic. They have been so successful, the masses the world over are now willingly voting for the very despots who are enslaving them, becoming more dependant upon government every day. And that is the moral to this story. The root of halosis is haireomai, suggesting that the victims of the clandestine and conniving conspirators “choose” their own fate “by voting.” This is the purpose behind and destiny of “Social Democracies.”

After studying mountains of evidence and pondering the reasons behind the events we have witnessed these past twenty years I have concluded that “Social Democracy” is a term that has been engineered to perpetrate a vile scheme by way of deception. “Social” does not stand for “sociable” but instead for “socialist”—the kind of liberal economic and political system America and most Western nations have adopted. This system and its brother, Fascism, serve to effectively transition control from the masses to the few. While inept at creating prosperity they are both effective at transferring wealth, something today’s Illuminists crave. The least understood, and thus most efficient means of accomplishing this transfer of property from the productive to those in control are central banking systems (America’s Federal Reserve cartel, the World Bank, and International Monetary Fund (all controlled by the same villains)) and the progressive income tax (the Internal Revenue Service)—both of which were voted into existence in 1913 by those beguiled by the clandestine conspirators. Socialism leads to government dependency, and with dependency, the Masters control.

And that takes us to “Democracy,” the means to implement the system. While there are no democracies anywhere in the world today, the term has been corrupted to equate to “freedom, equality, and choice,” when in practice it is the antithesis of these things. The reason there has never been an effective or enduring democracy is because people ultimately vote to make stealing legal. The productive are taxed, with minority assets transferred to the less productive majority. This continues until the benefit of productivity is no longer worth the effort. When that occurs, the society devolves into the dream of the New World Order—with everyone dependent, robbed of their property, freedoms, and choice. Today, at the Illuminist’s beckoning call, the masses are perpetrating this prophecy upon themselves the world over. And had “Communism” not been renamed “Social Democracy,” people never would have been fooled sufficiently to move in this direction. 

Returning to Second Shim’own, he continues to predict how the “clandestine conspirators” will act. “ they will pontificate defamatory lies which are scurrilous and calumnious (blasphemos –  uttering impious and reviling false statements which are insulting, saying things which are contemptuous and corrupting, injurious and malicious) among those (en) who are ignorant and mistaken (agnoeo – who do not understand and who do not know, those who are unaware, lacking information and intelligence, those who are apathetic and ignore reality, those who do not recognize the truth and are therefore errant). And they too shall be destroyed and utterly perish (kataphtheiro) in their own (hautou) corruption and depravity (phthora – decay and waste).” (II Shim’own / He Listens / Peter 2:12)

Words are important. They are the instruments of decay. They are the ultimate weapons of mass destruction. Yahowah predicted that words would be used to pollute an ignorant populous, corrupting them. He predicted that they would prevail, not because the words were believable, but instead because the victims were apathetic and ignorant. But in the end it won’t matter. Those who don’t care enough to reject lies and learn the truth will be played for the fools they allowed themselves to become. They will be destroyed and their souls will perish. America He is speaking to you!

“Wrong (adikeo – deceived and defrauded, unjust), they shall receive the guilty judgment which they are due (misthos adikia – the penalty due their endeavors).” Can a nation be “right” when most of its words are wrong? Whether religious or political, societal or academic, most of the things we say just aren’t true. Politician’s lie so often it has become an art form. The vocabulary of pastors and priests is so Satanic, it’s become hard to communicate without using corrupt terms. When our national media covers subjects with which I have familiarity, I find that most of what they say is wrong. Academia has become so befuddled by their anti-God bias and social agenda, they have become more liability than asset. As a result we aren’t just ignorant; as a nation we are wrong and getting worse every day. So, according to this prophecy, there will be a day of reckoning—one that has already begun and one which will culminate in the next twenty-five years.  

“They authorize and influence pleasure, considering and deeming it desirable (hegeomai hedone – to lead people to count and think fondly of passion) to live soft, effeminate, and luxurious lives (truphe – indulgent, unbecoming, unmanly, and over refined existences) in the day.” If Americans had read Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminist instructions they would know that his mandate to replace the Towrah’s morality with immoral perversity has been steadfastly advanced. We are the living embodiment of truphe.

“Sowing stained, spoiled and morally blemished (spilos – seeding the indulgences of gluttonous) people who are a disgrace (momos – blemished and insulting individuals who spew ill-will towards one another, casting slurs), reveling in (entruphao - indulging and taking delight in) their own delusions and deceit (apate – deceptions and deceitfulness; cheating and beguiling; enticing others to embrace illusions) coming together and entertaining themselves with (sueuocheo – feasting together on; from a compound word meaning, being with people for the purpose of gathering them together, forming an agreement to own and possess) you.” (II Shim’own / He Listens / Peter 2:13)

That’s about as clear a picture of the conniving conspirators as one is likely to find. People are little more than pawns, insignificant possessions to them, objects they will entertain and entice so that they will ultimately control them. Reveling in deception, entertained by sound bytes, and entranced by the idiotic notions pontificated by preachers and politicians, the media and academicians, we have become a disgraced people, swimming in our own delusions.

At least Muslims have an excuse. Their prophet actually promised them a brothel as a reward for immoral behavior. But for the businessmen sponsoring the New World Order, it’s simply a matter of money. Insatiable, they have sold their souls to the Devil. Rather than accept Yahowsha’s gift, they have made merchandise of men.

 “Jealously envying and envisioning an abundant quantity of (echo ophthalmos mestos) adultery (moichalis), they cannot refrain from (akatapaustos – are unable to stop or cease; are never satiated, and cannot find rest from) wandering away in error (hamartano – missing the mark, being wrong, sinning, and being evil), beguiling and entrapping (deleazo – using bait to entice, allure, delude, and catch; luring people into sin; seducing) vacillating and unstable (asteriktos - weak and vulnerable) souls (psuche).” (II Shim’own / He Listens / Peter 2:14) Sin never satisfies. The sinner always craves more.

Whether moichalis was speaking of the multiple virgins of Allah’s paradise or of the adulterous lives lived by most Americans, this form of immorality is a symptom of the reprogramming both cultures have endured. The offer of free sex has served as bait, seducing billions to their doom—the demise of their souls. The reason unrestrained sexual indulgence outside of the marriage covenant Yahowah established is so destructive is that it makes society and the individual unstable, weak and vulnerable. Each of the universal constants apparent in the fall of civilizations have been delineated here. Sexual deviance that leads to the breakdown of the family, gluttony, effeminate lifestyles, and self-delusion are all present when a society falls. They are all prevalent in America today.

“Their heart’s desires (echo kardia – the thoughts and feelings they embrace) are exercised nakedly (gymnazo – are practiced openly and vigorously) in a covetous craving to have more (pleonexia – in a greedy desire to extort; with an insatiable yearning to gain and hold riches; in exploitation, taking unfair advantage), they curse (katara - denounce, invoke evil upon, and make abominations of) children (teknon – their offspring who imitate them), forsaking and abandoning (kataleipo – neglecting and no longer even relating to) the straight, true, and upright (euthus) Way (hodos) they are seduced into deception (planao - caused to roam astray, are misled from the truth and into error) following and imitating (exakoloutheo – treading in the steps of, joining, obeying and submitting to) the way of Balaam (a greedy, political minded, Babylonian false prophet who served Lord/Ba’al) the (tou) wasted and consumed (boaor), who welcomes (agapao – entertains and is fond of; takes pleasure in) the wages of (misthos – the reward acquired from) inequity and injustice (adikia – fraud, unjust acts, and criminal behavior).” (II Shim’own / Peter 2:14-15)

Euthus, which I have translated “straight, true, and upright,” was used by Homer to designate “an individual who is bereft of favor.” That would be those who have failed to accept Yahowsha’s redeeming gift, leaving them “forsaken and abandoned.” This tragic state is bequeathed to our children. By living as we have, by saying the things we have said, we have cursed them. We have hidden the upright way under a pile of manure. By coveting more, by living the gluttonous lifestyle we are unwilling to pay for we have mortgaged our children’s future as well with our massive deficits. And according to Shim’own, we have done it unabashedly. We think we are entitled.

Balaam is an accurate transliteration of the Hebrew name of a Babylonian false prophet. The name was derived from the same three letters that form Satan’s title, Ba’al (בַּעַל), which means “Lord.” In the revealed textual consonants, the “bl’ (בִּלְעָ)” gain an “m” (ם) which was probably added to designate plural, indicating that the false prophet Balaam was one of many followers of Ba’al—the Babylonian sun god, whose title, Lord, revealed his ambition.

In addition to the obvious Ba’al associations, there are two additional ways that we might come to better understand Balaam. First, it could be a compound of bal, meaning “not, naught, or nothing” and “worn out, wasted, and consumed,” and ‘am, meaning “family, people, and nation.” Thus the Balaam would be “not family, consumed people, or wasted nation.” It is a fitting title for those who are separated from Yahowah. The blm root of Balaam also provides an interesting insight. It means “to possess, to restrain, and to hold in or back.” Therefore, those who are not part of Yahowah’s family, the wasted nations, are perpetrating their fraud to restrain others from finding Yahowah and so that they can possess the people themselves. This kind of deception leads to enslavement.

With Balaam understood, we turn our attention to Boaor. In Bamidbar / In the Wilderness / Numbers 22:5, Balaam is called the son of Ba’owr (בְּעֹור), which is probably where Shim’own picked up this reference. However, the word “son” doesn’t appear in his letter. It simply says “Balaam the Boaor.” Since it’s apparent that the Greek is a transliteration of the Hebrew name, an investigation of the original language is required to determine what a “Boaor” might be. There we discover that Ba’owr is from ba’ar, meaning “to kindle, to burn, and to consume.” The secondary meaning is “to be foolish, stupid, brutish, barbarous, dull-hearted, and unreceptive.” The third connotation is “to feed and to graze.”

All of these fit Shim’own’s passage. Satan and his minions, whether they be Conspirators, Catholics, or Muslims, are and do these very things. Unreceptive to Yahowah’s Word, they are foolish and brutish. Dull-hearted, they perpetrate their barbarous stupidity without remorse. They kindle the foolish fires of destruction, feeding their rubbish to those who have been conditioned to graze upon it.

And this brings us to an important conclusion. Yahowah has confirmed that which I have come to learn through research—the Illuminist conspiracies operating today under the banners of Communism, Socialism, Social Democracy, Secular Humanism, Political Correctness, and the New World Order were founded upon the Babylonian religion. What is obvious of Catholicism and Islam is also true of the clandestine and conniving conspirators. That is why Yahowsha’, told us: “Come out of her My people.” In Second Shim’own, he has explained how we are to accomplish this worthy task.

We will return to this letter before we are done. In it, Shim’own unravels an essential key to dating the Harvest and Tribulation. Along the way, he will continue to predict the nature of the people and deceptions in vogue as we approach man’s rendezvous with his own destiny. We will learn the consequence of ignorance and tolerance.

LE: 03-03-2013